Monday, April 18, 2005

The Competitive Voice

Several years ago I saw David Warlick speak and I don't remember the topic, but David was talking about providing students with a competitive voice in a mediacentric world. So, I've borrowed his phrase (I don't think David would mind) to title my new blog about the process of digital storytelling. I've been using this technique with my teachers and students in my school district with very gratifying results-the process truly does give young adults a platform for discussing, composing, and sharing what they think. Much has been written recently about blogs and the ability of this medium for constructive thought-no one will argue with the sheer ability of a tool where people can be publishing for a potential global audience, all within about 5 minutes. But digital storytelling takes all that several steps further, with the message now composed of voice, video, imagery and music-way beyond just text and hyperlinks. The message becomes a blend of thought and music and imagery that can extraordinarily powerful. In my next post, I'll discuss what students actually accomplish-please note that I did not say learn...


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